About Appreciating RE

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Our Mission

Help people attain additional streams of income and long-term wealth by providing education, support and growth opportunities from real estate investments.

Our Offers to You

Our company offers people the opportunity to diversify by working with real estate investors to find the best way to obtain passive income and cash flow. As a potential investor or experienced landlord/lender, here are services we have to offer:

  • Provide dedicated time and knowledge of how to purchase and sell income property
  • We have a systematized analysis team that allows us to make offers quickly and for a fair price.
  • If we don’t sell your property through our modern marketing techniques or extensive list of investors, we will buy it.
  • We offer modern technology property management well above your average management company.
  • Since we are also investors, we provide asset management to help ensure you are getting the most return on your investment.
  • We offer trust deed investments so you can be a part of several deals or just want some “arm-chair” income.
  • We are experienced in renovations and provide constant communication with everyone involved.

Our Story

Appreciating Real Estate are investors helping other investors. ARE is a private real estate investment, property management and brokerage firm focusing on residential and commercial real estate. The company has been serving investors since 2006. It was originally founded to specialize in single family residential income producing properties and included short-term “fix and flips.” Currently it invests and manages residential and commercial properties in various states within emerging markets in California, Nevada, Missouri and Florida.

The company takes pride in providing opportunities for their clients that result in obtaining financial resources and amazing experiences from high yield cash flow. Additional ways Appreciating RE adds value to clients is by managing the renovation process, providing asset management and offering brokerage services (listing and buying investment property) for individuals. A great quote we aspire with our clients is, “Do something today that your future self will thank you for.”

Appreciating Real Estate (RE) is a minority-woman owned and operated company. It works with the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) and Women’s Investment Network (WIN).

Belief Statement

“Leave things better than you found them.” This includes properties and people, especially. Appreciating Real Estate takes pride in beautifying places people call home and work.

Core Values “A.P.P.R.E.C.I.A.T.E.”

Above and Beyond – Go Above & Beyond in Adding Value to the World.
Perseverance – Persevere Growth and Success.
Passion – Have Passion for Excellence.
Respect – Respect Diversity and Collaborate with People.
Enjoyment – Enjoy Living and Make It Fun.
Creativity – Embrace Creativity and Drive Lasting Change.
Integrity – Show Integrity through Honest and Open Communication.
Accountability – Accept Accountability for Actions, Inactions and Decisions.
Teamwork – Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit.
Efficiency – Do More, Faster with Less. Be Efficient.

Sharing Our Support

Philanthropy is a very important responsibility. Appreciating RE supports the International Topical Steroid Addiction Network (ITSAN) , a nonprofit charity formed to raise awareness about a condition called Red Skin Syndrome, also known as Topical Steroid Addiction or Topical Steroid Withdrawal Syndrome.