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Do you have a property that is keeping you up at night?  Would selling or owning something else feel better?    Appreciating RE knows that properties take a lot of work or change in value over time.  If the apartment, office building or house is no longer giving you what you need, we can help find a better use for you.  There are several options to help get rid of unwanted properties or avoid paying high taxes.

We look for several value-add properties that need renovation, re/development, capital and/or transition management.  Potential projects include multi-family apartments, distressed properties, unwanted real estate and properties with management issues.  Additional examples of properties that could benefit from our expertise include those with tenant issues, evictions, tax problems, assets in divorce, unwanted inherited property, etc.  Properties can be purchased via any combination including company capital, accredited investors, lenders, structured as a syndication and/or working with property owners.  We offer a Free Valuation. Just fill out the form here.

Common Reasons to Sell an apartment or house

Have you very thought to yourself?

  • I am interested in doing a 1031 exchange to get higher returns & Cap Rates
  • I inherited a property that I didn’t want, but could use the money.
  • I’m going through a divorce.  What can I do?
  • Tenants are giving me problems.  I need help.
  • I have maximized the depreciation.

We offer ways to sell your property quickly for no obligation.

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Benefits to Selling a Property

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