How to Prepare Rental Properties for Halloween?

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  1. Brighten Pathways
  2. Prevent Fire Hazards
  3. Safe Walkways
  4. Protect Guest and Pets
  5. Secure Unoccupied Units

Make sure pathways are clearly visible and well-lit. Consider replacing outdoor lighting and installing motion-sensor lights.

Watch out for any fire hazards by not using candles or other heating elements. There are many types of battery-operated candles that can be used for decorating or lighting up jack-o-lanterns. Also clear away any dried flowers, leaves, or other decorations that can easily catch on fire from open flames or other heat sources like light bulbs and heaters.

Clear walkways so guests and trick-or-treaters do not trip on any decorations. Many kids are so excited to go from door to door, they may rush down the walkways and around the property.

Costumes can scare pets and frightened dogs may bite. Ask tenants to keep pets in doors on Halloween night.

For vacant properties, make sure they are secured properly. Lock doors, gates, windows and garages. This may be the one night to keep the lights turned off. Another option is to put a sign in the front reading: “RAN OUT OF CANDY”, come back next year.” This prevents people from going to the door and asks them to move to the next unit or property.

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