Golf Lesson & REI Networking “fore” Women – Oct 14

For years our counterparts have succeeded in making relationships and deals on the golf course. Let’s help other women master this activity. Our purpose is to give a hand-UP and collaborate with other women in a fun and healthy way.

During the event, a professional female golf instructor will help enhance your game and give you a personal analysis of your swing. Come enjoy networking with other like-minded ladies as we learn together next to this one-of-a-kind driving range. All skill levels are welcome.

NOTE: Golf Instructor will provide clubs if needed.

Title:  Golf Lesson & Real Estate Investment Networking “fore” Women
Golf Location: Anaheim, CA
Date: Oct 14, 2022 – Friday
Meet: REGISTER for event details.
Time: 04:00 PM

@ Range:   Ask front desk for our location.  Look for JJ San Jose and other women golfers
Time: 04:00 PM (lesson soon after)

Feel free to invite others. There will be NO PITCHING or SELLING.  This group is intended to be collaborative, giving and engaging.

$ 25 – Includes Networking Event, Golf Lesson from a Pro, snacks and range balls

Host: JJ San Jose
Women’s Investment Network
Appreciating Real Estate
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The Women’s Investment Network (W.I.N.) is a group of active women real estate investors and professionals contributing and empowering other women to advance in the real estate arena. Our focus is to pay it forward and give a hand-UP to other women looking to create wealth.

2022 THEME: Be more active in achieving our physical and financial goals. Let’s get rid of our Zoom butts together and talk shop while we network outdoors.

VISION: Women collaborating within various real estate industries from investors, flippers, landlords, attorneys, agents, appraisers, contractors, marketing advisers, suppliers, etc. affiliated in commercial and residential real estate.

MISSION: Inspire and empower ladies by sharing honest feedback, advice and resources that will advance businesses and careers for women in all real estate industries.

* Learn several techniques through group discussions
* Share accomplishments that help women through experiences
* Connect with other women in real estate related businesses
* Discover ways to build wealth towards financial freedom

* Experienced investors
* Accountants and CPAs
* Real estate and corporate attorneys
* Appraisers
* Title and Escrow Representatives
* Insurance agents
* Business experts and consultants familiar with real estate
* Real estate marketing experts
* Interior designers familiar with staging
* Finance professionals
* Realtors
* Investment bankers for structuring IPOs and tips on selling portfolios or contracts
* Real estate investment coaches
* Other real estate business owners
* Executives of real estate related vendors

There will be NO PITCHING or SELLING.
NOTE: This group is intended to be collaborative, giving and engaging. If you want more, give double.

The only difference between a rich person and a poor person is how they use their time.

Robert Kiyosaki, author “Rich Dad Poor Dad”

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Oct 14 2022


4:00 pm - 6:00 pm



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