Women’s Steps on the Sand – April 16

Our purpose is to learn and collaborate with other women real estate investors and professionals in a fun and healthy way.

As we continue this year’s goal on getting fit with like-minded women, join other ladies with various real estate interests along with the Women’s Investment Network for a walk on the beach. Afterwards, come and enjoy drinks/dinner over a casual conversation about real estate investing goals and experiences.

This is a casual setting. All ladies are welcome. Our focus is on collaboration and sharing. NO PITCHING or SELLING, please.

To ensure can sit together, please register today. We will add seating as women RSVP.

Location:   Laguna Beach, CA (register for details)
Date:   April 16, 2020 – Friday
Meet:   REGISTER for meeting details. Come a little early to meet the other ladies.  JJ will be there about 30 minutes before.
Time:   04:00 PM

Bring water.  We plan on having drinks/a meal at a local restaurant if they can accommodate us.
This month’s “Steps on the Sand” is co-hosted by Grace Buencamino, an independent insurance agent with George L. Brown Insurance Agency.

Host: JJ San Jose
Women’s Investment Network
Appreciating Real Estate
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The Women’s Investment Network (W.I.N.) is a group of active women real estate investors and professionals contributing and empowering other women to advance in the real estate arena. Our focus is to pay it forward and give a hand-UP to other women looking to create wealth.

2021 THEME: Be more active in achieving our physical and financial goals. Let’s get rid of our Zoom butts together and talk shop while we network outdoors.

VISION: Women collaborating within various real estate industries from investors, flippers, landlords, attorneys, agents, appraisers, contractors, marketing advisers, suppliers, etc. affiliated in commercial and residential real estate.

MISSION: Inspire and empower ladies by sharing honest feedback, advice and resources that will advance businesses and careers for women in all real estate industries.

* Learn several techniques through group discussions
* Share accomplishments that help women through experiences
* Connect with other women in real estate related businesses
* Discover ways to build wealth towards financial freedom

* Experienced investors
* Accountants and CPAs
* Real estate and corporate attorneys
* Appraisers
* Title and Escrow Representatives
* Insurance agents
* Business experts and consultants familiar with real estate
* Real estate marketing experts
* Interior designers familiar with staging
* Finance professionals
* Realtors
* Investment bankers for structuring IPOs and tips on selling portfolios or contracts
* Real estate investment coaches
* Other real estate business owners
* Executives of real estate related vendors

There will be NO PITCHING or SELLING.
NOTE: This group is intended to be collaborative, giving and engaging. If you want more, give double.

SEE YOU AT THE NEXT EVENT. More events at: www.AppreciatingRE.com/events
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You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.



Apr 16 2021


4:00 pm

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Laguna Beach, CA (register for details)


JJ San Jose
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