Hollywood California AB 1482 Exemptions on Rent Control

What are the rent control exemptions?

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California Rent Control AB 1482 Exemptions

  1. New Construction – housing that was issued a certificate of occupancy with the previous 15 years.
    • Understand this is a rolling date. So once the property has passed the 15 years, e.g. on the 16th year, AB 1482 Rent Control will apply to the property.
    • NOTE: residences with ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units) may not be exempt depending on certificate of occupancy and/or other factors. For example, the initial single family residence may fall under rent control, but the new ADU will be exempt.
    • Some of the housing previously exempt under Costa Hawkins will now be subject to California’s rent control provisions.
  2. Owner-Occupied Duplex – where one of the units is the owner’s primary residence at the beginning or prior to the tenants’ occupancy and the owner continues to live on the property.
  3. Single-family homes, town-homes and condominiums – if the owner is NOT a real estate investment trust (REIT), a corporation, or a limited liability company in which at least one member is a corporation.
    • NOTE: single family residences with ADUs may not be exempt depending on when the tenant occupies the unit and/or other factors.
    • TIP: consider moving single family residences into a family trust or LLC (Limited Liability Company) and discuss this with your attorney and tax representative.
  4. More restrictive rent control ordinances – for example rent control in specific cities that are more strict and/or in place prior to AB 1482
  5. Affordable Housing, Section 8, or other government agency restricted housing agreements
  6. Owner-Occupied housing sharing with the tenant – accommodations in which the tenant shares a bathroom or kitchen facilities with the owner who maintains principal residence with the residential real property, for example renting out a bedroom in a home.
  7. Dormitories – housing for students attending an institution for higher education

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