The Benefits of a Green Roof

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Have you guys ever seen gardens on rooftops or “green roofs” before?

Apparently, environmentally conscious consumers are finding more creative ways to go green – and now they’ve found a way to raise green turf to new heights.

According to the 2014 Green Roof Industry Survey, Washington D.C.,Toronto, Philadelphia, Chicago, New York City, Denver, Baltimore, Montreal, Seattle and Boston are among the top cities when it comes to growing green roofs.

Benefits for You…

  1. Decreased Stormwater Runoff – Green roofs keep storm water from pouring off their properties.
  2. Cooling Benefits – Green roofs can reduce a building’s energy usage and lower utility bills for property owners. They add insulation in the winter months and provide shade from the heat.
  3. Improve Air Quality – Green roofs clear dust, soot and other pollutants from the air. The many plants consume carbon dioxide and produce oxygen.
  4. Extended Roof Lifespan – A green roof can provide extra protection for the building’s roofing structure, from mechanical damage to ultraviolet radiation. Green roofs are much more preferable than conventional roofing structures as they are less likely to be replaced frequently.
  5. Health and Beautification – Green roofs provide a creative and beautiful way to use a space that would typically go unused.

Indeed, there is more to green roofs than meets the eye… It benefits you, the environment and your community.

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